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About BD Outfitters

BD Outfitters is located in the Paradise Valley of South Dakota. With the river surrounding us on three sides, more than 2,000 acres of privately owned land and more draws and valleys than you can shake a stick at, we offer the most beautiful environment for our guided pheasant hunts. Not to mention more food and water than our birds could ever need.

BD Outfitters is operated by Bowers Distillery Inc. The Bowers family moved to South Dakota from Western Oregon in 1980 to be the state’s first, and still to this day, only mint farm. Growing peppermint and spearmint for the past 4 generations, the Bowers family provides high quality essential oil to companies such as Colgate Palmolive and Mars Incorporated (Wrigley Company). Along with mint, they also grow white and yellow popcorn for Jolly Time.

In addition to food plots, the irrigated mint fields provide prime nesting cover for pheasants. The aroma of the mint works as a scent cover for the birds, protecting them from various predators when they are most vulnerable. Don’t worry though, the birds don’t taste minty fresh.

With a love for the great outdoors, and the bond it creates between those who share it, we invite you to come join in the experience.

Boots on, Barrels up!


Contact Information

32423 Westbend Rd
Harrold, SD 57536
(4 miles past the West Bend Recreation Area)

Phone: (612) 275-2768

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